Resignations, Sealed Indictments & Pedo Arrests

It is June 24, 2018.  Q has not posted since June 22 when he postponed the Q& A session. SGT Report interviews 412 Anon, Pamphlet Anon, and Ninja Warrior about the number of resignations, sealed indictments and pedo arrests.  Currently there are 35, 679 sealed indictments. This video highlights information dashboards created by 412 Anon.  These dashboards are interactive for easier research.  Below is an example.
CEO Resignations Graphic

Enjoy the video!

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Dashboard are a great way to demonstrate tangible evidence that progress is being made.  Refer to these resources when trying to red pill skeptical friends.  Links to the Dashboards are listed under The Map on the Q Topics and News section.

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