Systemic Global Pedophilia Exposed

SGT Report documents major pedophilia scandals that have been exposed.  After his death, a group of Sir Edward Heath's victims came forward to do a TV interview.  The women said that he sexually abused and murdered sixteen small children.  Heath was the Prime Minister of England between 1970-1975.  

Ella Draper reports the sexual abuse of her two children.  She gives a witness statement exposing the crimes of satanic ritual abuse.  Watch her children's testimony of what goes on at boarding school in England. 

Enjoy the video!

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Pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse are real and much more prevalent than you think.  This documentary shows newspaper articles and witness interviews.  It discusses how the mainstream media actively covers-up the scandals, and viciously attacks the whistleblowers. It is important to bring this to the public's attention.  Do not be deceived.  People who dismiss these crimes as conspiracy allow these horrendous acts to continue.

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