Where is Obama?

Today is June 26, 2018.  Q has not posted since June 22, 2018.  Bernie reviews today’s headlines.   The Freedom Caucus has drafted impeachment paperwork for Rod Rosenstein.  He has been given another deadline for records request.

Bernie discusses the harassment of Sarah Sanders and Pam Bondi by the Left.  Q has warned us that riots are planned, but they are also attacking Trump supporters individually.  Where is Obama?  The New Yorker magazine prints a glowing review of Obama's legacy.

Enjoy the video!

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Patriots need to be on guard and vigilant to their surroundings.  We are entering a dangerous phase in this war to take back our country.  We need to follow the examples of Sarah Sanders and Pam Bondi.  Do not let agitators provoke you into violence, or you will have accomplished their goal.  Winners are ruled by logic and not emotion.  The fact that they have resorted to violence and intimidation, shows that we are winning.  They have nothing else.

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