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It is June 27, 2018.  Q is posting pictures of a Jet Blue plane again.   Last night, police surrounded a Jet Blue plane that lost radio communications at the JFK Airport.  Space Shot shows passenger video of a SWAT team exiting the plane. Tony Schwartz who co-wrote the Art of the Deal with Trump was on the plane.  He hates Trump and is Deep State. He also is the CEO of Energy Resolution which can knock out electrical communications on a plane.  Was he connected?

House Judiciary Committee approved a resolution demanding that Rod Rosenstein turn over requested documents within 7 days or face impeachment.  Q states it is no coincidence that extreme rhetoric is being pushed by Democrats when Rod Rosenstein is being exposed. Q states that texts by Lisa Page and Peter Strozk just scratch the surface.  More texts are coming that will reveal the Obama administration was planning to assassinate Donald Trump or a member of his family.  

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Julian Assange is now in the news.  It was revealed that James Comey killed a deal with Assange which would have proved the Russian collusion theory false.  Q states that "you have the site, we have the source".  The Deep State may have control of the WikiLeaks site but the good guys have Assange.

Q has told us that Trump is prepared for riots and social unrest.  Read this thread by Thomas Wictor.  It validates what Q has been telling us. 

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