Q's Warning to the Deep State

It is June 28, 2018.  Yesterday was a big news day!  Justice Kennedy retires from the Supreme Court.  Q indicates that Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) is next.  Q has several direct messages for the Deep State.  He taunts "The American People are Awake.  There is Nowhere to Hide.  Evil has No Place Here."  President Trump is ready to quell any civil unrest and riots perpetuated by the Deep State.   

Enjoy the video!

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It feels like The Storm is gaining momentum!  It has been a good week for POTUS and the American People.  Peter Strozk is testifying.  The Supreme Court ruled in support of Trump's travel ban, and for Janus in the Janus labor union case.  Workers can no longer be forced to join a labor union and pay dues.  Unions spend $1.7 billion dollars annually on lobbying and political donations -mainly to the democratic party.  This will cut off a huge source of funding.  What a wonderful day!

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