Q: Bourne Reality?

It is June 29. It has been a busy week!  More news outlets are trying to discredit Q.  They are trying to blame violence on Q supporters.  WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are coming back in the news cycle.  The DNC server is the key to proving the Russia collusion narrative false, and at identifying the killers of Seth Rich.

Q tells us that all of the mass shooters have been under psychiatric counseling.  He points out that individuals wearing free mason symbols are on TV as eyewitnesses.  They also can be seen standing in the background during live news reporting.   Q tells us to find the shooters' counselors.  He suggests that they are CIA operatives who disappear within a month of the shooting.    

Enjoy the video!

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Q is preparing us to get ready for some major information bombs in July 2018.  Be prepared to educate your friends and family.  Q states that he will not be a conspiracy forever.  When the public is fully awakened, it will be up to us to help our friends and family come to grips with reality.  The veil will be lifted shortly!

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