Power to the People

Praying Medic states that President Trump is returning power back to the people which is enraging the elites in the media, government, academia, and Hollywood.  Time magazine listed Q in the top 25 most influential people on the internet.  Q said new eyes will be coming!

Q gives us a link to the trailer of the movie "White Squall". This is where many of the terms in the Q movement originated.  Netflix and Facebook are trying to normalize pedophilia.   They attempting to gain public sympathy before many elites are indicted for crimes against children.  Ten frightened Democrats are trying to get Julian Assange arrested.  Democrats are in crisis mode knowing the AWAN server scandal and Julian Assange revelations are about to sink their careers.  

Enjoy the video!
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Q tells us that mass shooters are under the control of CIA planted psychiatric counselors.  Freemasons are commonly involved in mind control activities.  Praying Medic has worked with victims of mind control and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).  Mind control is real, and it may be more common than we realize.  Here is a 5 minute video by National Geographic about CIA Mind Control.

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