Walk Away

Today is July 1, 2018.  Bernie at Truth and Art TV does his weekend podcast narrating the rebirth of America.  Bernie discusses how the tide is shifting.  Democrats are waking up and recognizing the propaganda from the media.

Maxine Waters, after the censure from colleagues regarding her calls to harass Trump supporters, is now playing the victim card.  She claims that she has been subject to death threats and lynching by Trump supporters.

Enjoy the video!

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Bernie shows the video that started the #Walk Away movement at the 12:30 mark. This is a powerful video and should be shared with friends.  Finally, Bernie reviews Q posts from June 30, 2018.  Q tells us that Trey Gowdy will not be nominated for the Supreme Court.  He encourages us to stay together.  The Left wants to divide this nation.  But as people wake up to their strategy; it will no longer be effective, and will fail.  Where we go one, we go all!

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