Team of 470 Returns 40,483 Sealed Indictments

Today is July 2, 2018.  Bernie at Truth and Art TV discusses Q drops from July 1, 2018.  Q tells us that Trey Gowdy is a patriot, but will not be nominated for the Supreme Court.  Q posts a line to a Snopes article where Snopes tries to dox the new billboard owner in Georgia and yours truly at  

Q posts the list of sealed indictments which is now up to 40,483.  He asks us "Does Huber have the ability to file across all 50 states. YES!!!  He reminds us that Huber has 470 prosecutors on his team.  Justice is coming!

Enjoy the video!

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In the Snopes article, Alex Kasprak asks who is funding the billboards.  My billboard is funded by tithe money that I would normally give to a church or charity. I am not motivated by profits.  I do not advertise Google ads down the sides of my pages, which I could, because this website platform has that ability. 

I do have one Q design on Cafe Press, because I think wearing Q T-shirts is a great way to spread the message about Q.  Someone wearing a Q T-shirt is a walking, talking, billboard.  Three or four weeks ago when I was looking for Q T-shirts, they were hard to find.  None were patriotic.  Now you can find a variety.  Consider buying a T-shirt.  It certainly does not have to be mine.  

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