Q Anon's School of Law

Dave, the Praying Medic, reviews Q posts from July 2-4, 2018.  Dave has been researching legal topics to give us better perspective into what Q's plan might be.  He discusses the background of sealed indictments and what the increased number of indictments might mean.  He discusses the Awan scandal and why Imran Awan seems to be getting such a sweet plea deal.  Imran is not the target.  Members of Congress are the target.  Q posts several headlines about Trump's attorney Michael Cohen.  The headlines all came at the same time and appear to be coordinated.  This is further proof that the Mainstream Media gets all of its talking points at 4:00 a.m. and is the propaganda arm of the Deep State.

Enjoy the video!

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This is one of Praying Medic's best videos.  It will be a timeless Proof of Q.  Dave compares current events to previous Q posts demonstrating how Q has been giving us hints of things to come.  Q followers have known what POTUS and team are doing well before it was known to the public.  Future proves past.  

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