Hillary Clinton in Wonderland

This is the Q update for July 9, 2018.  Q has not posted since July 4, 2018.  Neon Revolt puts together work by various Anons on the 8 chan board.  The first graphic Neon Revolt uses lists the chapters in the book Alice in Wonderland. The Anon is trying to create a timeline of events that corresponds with the chapters in the book.  Q has referred to Alice in Wonderland in many of his posts.

An Anon found a book sold on Amazon that is titled Hillary Clinton in Wonderland.  Here is a screenshot.   Q has told us that symbolism will be their downfall.  Anons are trying to understand the references to Alice, and why a book referenced Hillary Clinton as Alice. 

Please scroll down below the header of a man fighting an angel to read the article.

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