Indictments Coming for Hillary

It is July 15, 2018.  Q has not posted since July 4, 2018.  Greg Hunter interviews former CIA officer Kevin Shipp.  Hillary's unprotected basement server was set up to access all of her State Department accounts.  She did it intentionally.  She violated several Title 18 Statutes including espionage.

She had connections to foreign intelligence agencies, and she intended for people to have access to her computer.  At least 30,00 emails went to a foreign entity.  There had to be a lot of people helping her.  She has fixers that have been with her for over 20 years.  James Comey is one.  Loretta Lynch is another, and Robert Mueller is the third.

Remember it was Robert Mueller who oversaw Uranium One.  Through Uranium One, Hillary formed an international super PAC to funnel money from the Uranium One deal into the Clinton Foundation - 140 million worth. Two billion dollars was funneled into her presidential campaign over 4 years. Donations went to secret offshore bank accounts and are not bound by US law, since it was foreign money.  Foreign donations into Uranium One cannot be subpoenaed by Congress.  Basically, Uranium One was a front company for Hillary to launder money globally, and not be under US law. 

Enjoy the video!

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