The Weapons of Our Warfare 

If God is in control, then why do bad things happen to me? The idea that God is in control does not mean that God controls everything. God is sovereign, but God allows for free will.  Because of that, God is not controlling everything that happens in your life. It is your responsibility to agree with heaven that God's will is done.

Everything that God desires to do in the earth has to be done through agreement with man.  Everything the devil desires to do in the earth has to be done through the agreement with man. When we are in agreement with God, we advance his kingdom.  When men are in agreement with the devil, they advance Satan's kingdom. 

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The Word of the Lord is the weapon of our warfare.  Here are some of the weapons in the Word: arrows, lightnings, hailstones, coals of fire, living water, the Spirit of God, the blood of Jesus, the fire of God, and many more. You activate these weapons into the spiritual realm as you declare them with your mouth.  Everything happens first in the spiritual realm, and then is manifested in the natural.  This video gives you the basic understanding and tools to start using your authority in Christ, and start living your life as a Spiritual Warrior.

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