The Government of God

Praying Medic is interviewed by his friend Lisa Perna of Touched by Prayer.  God is changing the media.  Dave received a prophetic word  one and a half years ago that a dramatic change in the media is coming.  The mainstream media would collapse, and people would be listening to citizen journalists.

God has a governmental system.  God is trying to show us how to model our government so it will bless everyone from top to bottom.  God is teaching us Godly governance.  Q encourages us to pray.  He quotes bible passages.  It is obvious he believes in the Lord and attempts to follow the Lord's guidance.

Enjoy the video!

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I have noticed that many online ministries have been teaching on the Government of God and Kingdom Living. The bible says we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places, and we are meant to rule and reign with Christ.  It is not a stretch that God is imparting his knowledge and wisdom of governance during this monumental upheaval and change in the American government.

Note:  I will admit the microphone quality of Lisa's voice is loud and scratchy.  It improves after her introduction of Dave.  If you will give her grace, the content of this video is good and will be a blessing to you.  It highlights some of Dave's books on the Supernatural.  I have many of Dave's books and would recommend them to everyone.  

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