Q News: Major News Day, Yuge!

It is July 17, 2018 and Q has not posted since July 4, 2018.  Everyone is talking about the Summit between President Trump and President Putin.  Mishel discusses the highlights of the conference and reviews multiple news articles and commentaries. 

The biggest bombshell of the press conference came from President Putin.  He offered Bob Mueller the opportunity to interview the 12 indicted Russians.  He said the US and Russia already had a treaty in place that would allow this.  In exchange, he would like to interview US intelligence agents who helped Bill Browder bring over one billion dollars into the US. 

He said Mr. Browder did not pay taxes to Russia or the US on this money.  Mr. Browder also donated 400-million-dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  Putin said Mr. Browder's 400-million-dollar donation may not have been illegal, but the money he donated was illegal.  Putin inferred that intelligence agencies in the US helped Browder launder his money back into the United States.

Enjoy the video!

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Now that the US/Russia summit is complete, I anticipate that Q will be posting soon.  I am sure President Trump and the Q team gained a great deal of information while meeting with Russia.  The Deep State must be terrified.  If you would like to listen to clips of the Press Conference directly, Truth and Art TV has a 29 minute video that is just highlights of the press conference with very little commentary.

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