Trump's Hidden Message - Stzrok, Kate, via Cola

Project Weeping Angel narrates Serial Brain 2's decode.  SB2 tells us the purpose of Strzok's Congressional testimony was to deliver a message to the Deep State and us.  Strozk brings in a Coke bottle with the name Kate.  This refers to Kate Brown who is the Governor of Oregon.  She is tied into Uranium One via the Hammond ranchers, and is apparently one of the many "layers" that the Trump administration has uncovered.  She may have been flipped to testify against Obama and the Deep State.

Enjoy the video!

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When I first listened to this video, I thought it was a stretch.  But the way the camera man chose to purposefully include the Coke bottle made me think twice.  I am trying to put this all together.  How is the Trump Russian Collusion investigation tied to Uranium One?  I think I am forming a basic outline. 

The Obama Administration and Clinton Foundation themselves colluded with the Russians.  They committed treason when they approved (sold) 20 percent of the United States' uranium to Russia. When Hillary lost, they had to cover their tracks.  So they projected their crimes onto Trump and attempted to frame him with the Russia collusion narrative.  The same bad actors that they used for Uranium One (Mueller, Rosenstein, Strozk, etc.) were used to go after Trump.

The Iran deal also ties into this.  We are finding out that Peter Strozk is CIA and speaks fluent Persian.  He was also involved in the deal with Iran.  Q told us that Iran is next but he first has to work with Russia. At the Helsinki Summit, Putin signaled that he was giving Trump the ball, and it was now in his court.  I believe that meant that Russia is providing the goods on the Deep State which would include information about Iran since Russia and Iran are allies.

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