Deep State Criminals Just Went ALL IN -This is War

It is July 20, 2018.  Q has not posted since July 4, 2018.  For years, the mainstream media mocked people for talking about a "shadow government."  Now they are saying the shadow government should rise up and overthrow our elected President.  Bad actors in the Deep State (which includes former Obama officials) have been exposed.  They are now coming out of the shadows into the open to fight back against President Trump.

401 Anon discusses the new updates to his sealed indictment chart which you can see here.  He reports that the sealed indictment trend is not winding down.  It is going up again, which is an indicator that Huber's group is still working hard to bring criminals to justice. 

Enjoy the video!

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Be encouraged!  All the shrieking is a good sign that the bad guys are in fear.  They are using their propaganda arm of the mainstream media to fight back, but they have no real power.  The mainstream media likes to project that half of the country hates Trump, but they know it is not true.  Look at the number of people that President Trump attracts to his rallies.  Hillary Clinton had to use Beyonce to attract a crowd, and now many of the supporters she did have are # Walking Away.  We are winning!

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