Mainstream Media Disinformation Scam

Greg Hunter discusses the obvious mainstream media disinformation scam.  The MSM is promoting hysteria about the summit between Trump and Putin.  They are calling Trump a traitor for seeking diplomacy, and yet ignore the $400 million elephant in the room.  In the summit press conference, Putin charged that some US Intelligence Officers helped guide $400-million as a contribution to the Clinton campaign.   

Bill Browder is doing the rounds at all of the Media outlets including Fox.  Not one reporter has asked him about the $400 million dollar accusation, including Martha MacCallum.  This is a prime example of how our media is controlled.  Reporters gin up fake stories that fit their agenda, and ignore obvious stories that everyone can see.  

Enjoy the video!

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It has been so frustrating over the last several years, knowing that the media was complicit in covering up crimes by not reporting stories or mocking them (Pizzagate).  At least it is now out in the open for everyone to see.  Even democrats recognize the bias in the mainstream media reporting.  They recognize it as political bias.  But once the general public understands the horrific crimes that the mainstream media has ignored and covered-up, "The streets will not be safe for them." - Q

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