Trump's 36 Hour Plan

This is a smart interview of Brenden Dilley by Roseanne Barr.  Dilley discusses Trump's 36-hour plan.  Trump is a leader and takes the flak so his soldiers can accomplish their mission.  They discuss Iran and how Roseanne's tweet was meant to bring attention to the people of Iran living under an oppressive regime.  

Dilley discusses how the Democratic platform has been subverted by extreme leftist groups.  He said in the past if you cared about people and social inequality, you voted Democrat.  Now the party is intolerant of other views.  They promote open borders, transgenders, and a war on police; and yet support Iran against the US.  Iran - the country that murders gays and stones rape victims.  The hypocrisy is glaring.

Enjoy the video!

I was impressed by this interview.  It will appeal to Democrats and Republicans.  This should be shared with the "Walk Away" crowd.  The opinions expressed in this interview will be held by most people.  We have been misled by our previous leaders - both republican and democrat.  

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