The Eye of Trump's Storm is Now on Obama

It is July 24, 2018 and Q just posted!  Read Q posts here.  It is too early for a video about today's Q post, but enjoy this short 6 minute video by Dave Janda.  The rats are leaving the ship!  James Clapper just disclosed that it was Obama who instigated the investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign. 

Enjoy the video!
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Dr. Janda does a great job summarizing the how the Russia collusion hoax started, and Obama's role in it.  The snowball of information is gaining in size and speed.  I wonder when the mainstream media will report that Bob Mueller was included in the texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok? (Thanks Imperator Rex)  Hopefully when that information is revealed, the Russian collusion house of cards will fall down.  Then we can move onto Obama's ties and motivations for Iran.

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