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It is July 25, 2018.  Q is back after a 20 day absence!  Praying Medic reviews Q posts.  Q debunks the imposter "R."  He again links numerous articles calling the Q movement a right wing conspiracy.   Q also tell us that President Trump must have declassified part of Carter Page's FISA warrant to comply with Judicial Watch's FOIA request. 

President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen taped one of their conversations, and CNN is using a selected portion to smear Trump.  Q told us back in April that the FBI raid of Cohen's home and office was a pretext to gather evidence, which can be introduced into an investigation.

Enjoy the video!

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I agree with Q.  The Mainstream Media is the biggest threat to our democracy.  The public must be educated to make good decisions.  In the past, we relied on the mainstream press to be fair and honest.  Conservatives have recognized that the media has always had a liberal bias.  But we are discovering that it was more than bias.  We have been fed lies and disinformation- propaganda.  But the good thing is that once you know you are watching propaganda, it doesn't work any more.  Our eyes are open.  Thank you Q ! 

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