Today is July 27, 2018.  Bernie at Truth and Art TV discusses Q drops from July 26, 2018.  Q leads us to understand that the impeachment drive of Rod Rosenstein is for optics.  Sessions must be impartial.  Louie Gohmert dropped a big hammer on Bob Mueller outlining his mobster-like tactics over the years as FBI director.  

Q shares a link about video software for purchase where users can share hidden messages in plain sight via pictures.  This sounds like Serial Brain 2 type of information.  Q tells us we would be amazed how much info is shared in public.

Enjoy the video!

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It is early Friday morning 7/27/2018.  Looking forward to the "Big Drop" while watching our soldier's remains return home from North Korea.  I am proud of our President and all that he is accomplishing.  Praying for the release of the Christian pastor from Turkey knowing that one day President Trump will bring him home as well.

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