Taking Down Evil

Today is July 28, 2018. Lori reviews July 27, 2018 Q posts.  Q is re-posting the UK trip by Lisa Page and Peter Strozk.  He is highlighting that the UK was involved in the coup against President Trump.  Is that John McCain at the bottom of the yellow circle on Post 1721?

Q confirms that it was a missile launched against POTUS which was taken out F-16 intercepts.  Why is the mainstream media not investigating this? 

Q encourages those coming out and exposing pedophilia.  He tells us that Facebook is literally listening to people who use their app 24/7/365.  You have been warned. 

Enjoy the video!

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This is not a game.  Continue to pray for President Trump, our leaders, the military, and the white hats in the government.  Do you understand the significance of a missile launched against our President?  Do you understand the significance of the media's silence?  If the media reported on the event, would that be an awakening moment for the American public and shift public sentiment?  The Deep State is the biggest threat to President Trump, but the Media is the biggest threat to us.  

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