Mark Taylor -Hammer of Justice is Falling Now 

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” correctly predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory years in advance. That’s the best known of Taylor’s prophecies, he says came straight from God, but he’s made other prophecies, and many are also beginning to come true now. 

The hammer of justice is not coming, it is falling now. . . . (In the 2015 prophecy) God said he was going to clean out those who are the darkest. It’s in the political realm. It’s in the religious realm. It’s in the Hollywood realm.”  Taylor makes a special point about the movie capitol of the world and predicts, “Hollywood is fixing to get gutted, folks. I have been saying this for a while.  God is going to gut the news media, and we are seeing that taking place right now.   All this takes place and its hand in hand. God is also going to gut Hollywood."

Enjoy the video!

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Taylor says, “If you are part of the Army of God, you need to be ready.  You have had more resignations than we have ever seen. Now is the time to go in and capture this ground and hold it for the Kingdom of God. . . . It’s not a left or right thing. God is moving us towards a place of righteousness. That’s what’s happening right now. So, he’s going to be replacing these people.  

If you are called to be a judge, senator, congressman or a council person, I don’t care what level - local, state or federal.  Take your place and get ready. If you are in the Army of God and you don’t vote, you need to get off your behind and register to vote. These are going to be the most important midterm elections in America’s history—period.”

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