The Day Q Went Mainstream

It is August 2, 2018.  Does the White House acknowledge Q?  Someone finally asked the question, but phrased it in a way that suggested Q followers were violent.  This gave Sarah the opportunity to dodge the question and denounce violence.  Q later told us that POTUS will be the one to reveal Q.   

Lori has a screen shot of the 1776 post which Q later deleted.  It is a picture of President Trump's signature with the number #1776.  The caption below the picture is a subtle reference to Tom Steyer who is related to the Podestas and their activities.  

Enjoy the video!

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Q tells us that 350 million people have heard about Q Anon worldwide, and that 58 million people are tracking!  This site has been viewed by people from around the world and I welcome you all!  This movement is incredible.  The Lord is answering our prayers.  May the Lord bless and reveal himself to all of those who seek Q. 

"The world is about to change." - Q

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