Bill Browder -CIA Asset?

Dave Janda explains how Bill Browder is a CIA asset whose mission was to pilfer Russia's wealth and fund the CIA.   It is important to understand who Bill Browder is and his role in the Russian Conspiracy probe.

William Browder was born in the USA, but renounced his citizenship in 1998.  He is a foreign national who gave at least $400 million dollars to Hillary's campaign.  Federal Election Commission rules prohibit campaigns from soliciting or accepting contributions from foreign nationals.  

Enjoy the video!

This short thirteen minute video is loaded with information.  Bill Browder has been a powerful player in the Russian Conspiracy concocted by the Obama Administration.  He has actively facilitated emnity between Russia and the USA -two nuclear powers.  You could say he is a traitor to the US, but that would be inaccurate since he renounced his citizenship.  However, if he actively set conditions to cause a nuclear exchange between two countries, you could say he is a traitor to the world.

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