Trump Attack Foiled 

Today is August 4, 2018.  Praying Medic reviews August 3, 2018 Q posts.  The MSM has pulled out all the stops in their attempt to kill the revolution.   There have been more than 50 articles published that bash Q Anon since the Tampa Rally.  Q updated the list of articles noting the Washington Post is leading the charge. The WaPo admits, however, that the onslaught of negative press has only drawn more eyes to the Q movement.

Dave discusses the potential assassination attempt thwarted by a woman named Kate.  The United States Secret Service (USSS) was confiscating Q signs from attendees at Trump's Pennsylvania rally.  One of the anon's posted on the board that when the Secret Service took their sign they whispered, "Trust the Plan."   

Enjoy the video!

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Praying Medic asks us to pray for Jeff Sessions.  Many have been praying for President Trump and his administration, but we need to focus on Jeff Sessions and pray for him specifically. 

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