HR 5181 Is Why So Many Flipped on Q - $$$

It is August 8, 2018.  Here are two short videos for your review.  In the first video Space Shot 76 reviews various commentaries about HR 5181.  He reviews LisaMei62's thread.  She states that HR 5181 was passed.  HR 5181 was stuffed into the 2016 NDAA on 12/02/16.  Basically $160M was set aside to pay alt media journalists among others to spread disinformation to counter what they claim is fake news. (Aka truth)  THIS IS WHY SO MANY FLIPPED ON Q!

Enjoy the video!

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Kennedy Warned Us About CIA and the Media 

The next video is by Bernie at Truth and Art TV.  It is a short video.  It starts with President Kennedy talking about the dangers of a CIA controlled media, and video of testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee regarding the CIA paying journalists to spread propaganda.

Enjoy the video!

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Much of this video is set to dramatic music and requires you to read the screen.  What is powerful about this video is the fact that Democrats Kennedy and Church warned about this years ago.  These video clips of Kennedy and Church should help establish to skeptics that the mockingbird media is real, and not a conspiracy made up by the alt-right.  Unless they believe that President Kennedy was a conspiracist.

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