It's Showtime!

It is August 10, 2018.  IPOT reviews Q posts from yesterday.  Q gives us an outline of the Obama Administration's plan to spy and frame the Trump Administration in order to throw the US election.  IPOT deciphers the initials of the players involved.  Q posts a phone number to the Clinton Foundation, which is really a number to a Human Trafficking Hotline.    

IPOT gives us bonus information.  Jeff Session was in Little Rock, Arkansas, which is the home of the Clinton Foundation.  Witnesses saw boxes from the FBI field office being loaded onto a plane that was headed back to Washington, D.C.   

Enjoy the video!

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Q's connection of the Clinton Foundation to the Human Trafficking hotline is ominous.  This is another victim betrayal.  Imagine a victim calling for help to a hotline that is manned by the same predators from which they are running. Imagine!

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