What's the Matter with Maher?

It is August 12, 2018.  IPOT reviews the many Q posts from August 11, 2108.  Q starts the day with a graphic showing us that the media is run by 6 different companies.  He gives us hope that one day this will be remedied by using current Antitrust Laws.  

IPOT does a great job of analyzing Q’s posts about the Q400 plane that crashed.  Was this a message to or from the Deep State?  An Anon posted that the pilot flew a Q shaped pattern.  The island the plane crashed upon is frequented by high profile names you will recognize.  

Bill Maher raised his head mocking Q followers.  Now the Anons are digging!  Q is supporting the Anons with more information about high profile, previously unnoticed, "Kid Love" producers.

Enjoy the video!

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What a time to be alive and feel empowered as a group!  It is like playing in an orchestra.  Everyone has their part to play.  The individual parts may sound disjointed and out of place, but together the music envelops you as it swells to a powerful crescendo.  It feels like Q and the Anons are picking up tempo.  The crescendo will be glorious!     

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