New Images Surfacing on Epstein Island?

It is August 13, 2018.  TRU reporting reviews Q posts from today.  He also reads an article by Serial Brain 2 which connects the paraglider that landed in Trump's Scotland resort to Session's landing a 757-223 in Clinton's hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.  If you don't understand the connection to Special Agent Remagen, you might read SB2's first article for context.

Enjoy the video!

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I chose this video today because Jared starts with a quote from President Trump about Space Force.  I definitely think POTUS had two meanings with this quote.  Why else would he say, "I've seen things you don't even want to see, what they are doing, and how advanced they are.  We will be catching them shortly."

I hope his administration will be taking down the high level pedophilia networks soon, which will awaken the public significantly.  Q has been increasing the visibility of Hollywood and Media elites and their disgusting tweets.  How can people think this way???  The more you know...., the more disgusted you become.  Justice cannot come swiftly enough.  Pray for the children.

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