Do Not Let This Hypocrisy Stand!

Today is August 14, 2018.  Q provides a shout out to Hannity, Fox News, and Roseanne Barr.  Q encourages them to fight the hypocrisy from the MSM demonstrated by a Bill Maher tweet where Maher compared conservative Michelle Bachman to The Planet of the Apes.  

Q posts a link to Sara Carter's website.  The article is by Lee Smith and is titled 2016 Trump Tower Meeting Looks Increasingly Like a Setup by Russian and Clinton Operatives

Enjoy the video!

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Yesterday, I linked Serial Brain 2 articles about the Paraglider and Trump's response.  If you enjoy War Drummer's narration of SB2, just click the links to his videos.  I find SB2's articles easier to understand when narrated by War Drummer.

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