Did You Ever Play Hide and Seek?

It is August 15, 2018.  Q tells us "Actors will act" in reference to Alex Jones, but redirects us to NBC.  There is more to learn about NBC.  He tells us not to link the DOJ airplane landing in Arkansas to the Clinton Foundation. 

An Anon asks Q about the stolen plane in Seattle.  Q directs us to research billionaires with private islands.  He uses the word [Fish] again.  This may be a pedo euphemism used by John Podesta and others.  What are these billionaires doing on their private islands?  Q states the [[[hunters]]] are becoming the hunted. Hide and seek?

Enjoy the video!

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Long ago, an Anon asked about why Israel was never mentioned.   Q said Israel was saved for last.  Yesterday, August 14, 2018, was the first time Q brought up Israel.  He gave us a graphic with Mossad being at the top of the chain above Alternative and Mainstream Media, and Politicians.  This is good news for the people of Iran.  Q must be comfortable with the progress in Iran to move on to Israel. I wonder if the noise about Omarosa is a distraction to an Iran operation?  Hmmmmm.

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