Red Shoes, the Pope, and Anderson Cooper

It is August 16, 2018. Q dropped some disturbing pictures and information yesterday.  IPOT starts his update with good news.  In post 1884, Q tells us many of the human trafficking points of access have been shut down!  John Brennan's access to classified information has also been revoked.  IPOT reviews Brennan's background and traitorous past.

Q posts pictures of Gloria Vanderbilt reading to Anderson Cooper.  In the background, there is a satanic art piece depicting human sacrifice (look in the box).  Q posts pictures from the Podesta art collection depicting young terrified girls waiting in a tiled room.  The tiled background in the pictures looks like the Vanderbilt's "pool".  IPOT discusses the Pope's red shoes.  

Enjoy the video!

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Q wants the Anons to investigate the symbolism the elites use.  I think he wants us to understand that it is more than child trafficking and sexual abuse.  He has told us "These people worship Satan."  They are ritualistically sacrificing children.  Neon Revolt does a deeper dive into the Vanderbilts and the darker things of which Q posted if you are interested.

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