The Trilogy Begins: FISA = Start

It is August 21, 2018.  Q is getting to the point!  Q gives us a litany of everything that has happened this year.  The corruption is so vast.  Many compromised people must be removed from high level positions before justice can begin.

IPOT reviews the FISA signature pages.  Rod Rosenstein signed the FISA renewal June of 2017.  Comey, McCabe, and Yates also signed the FISA warrants.   It appears Q is targeting four different coup plotters or "firewalls".   

Enjoy the video!

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IPOT ends with a short video of Matt Couch who has breaking information in the Seth Rich investigation.  Guess who was at the hospital within minutes of Seth Rich's 4:33 a.m. arrival?  Two high profile DNC operatives.  One dedicated her book to Seth Rich.  The more you know...

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