No Name Mystery Decoded

Today is August 27, 2018.  Many Q followers are speculating about the death of John McCain.  Is he really dead, or is his death just a ruse to avoid public prosecution?  Bernie at Truth and Art TV reviews old Q posts.  It does appear that Q accurately predicted the demise of McCain.  Back in November 2017, Q questioned the surgery of McCain, and the speediness of his recovery.  In May 2018, Q told us there were discussions of his death/funeral.  Medical or escape?  Will we ever know?

Enjoy the video!

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Praying Medic has not posted a video, but he posted a Twitter Thread regarding John McCain.  It is very thorough, and gives an overview of McCain's role in history.  It will be very helpful for those new to Q anon.  Here is a link to his Thread Reader if you can't wait for his video.

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