CIA Eyes Shut Down

It is August 31, 2018. At 10:55 EST on 8/30/18, Q posted "Spooks are Spooked".  Seven hours later at 17:30 EST, Q started announcing that CIA Satellites were "Now Offline." "Blind Eyes in the Sky" "Shall We Play a Game".   It appears the Q team has taken out the enemy's access to our government's assets.  

Ready yourselves!  Expect a third coordinated wave of attacks by Fake News!  Why is WaPo spending money to conduct polls about Q Anon?  All for a conspiracy?  Q reminds us of the incredible progress that has been made clearing out the bad actors in the FBI and DOJ.  The travesty of justice that occurred in New Mexico when the judge dismissed the charges on the Jihadis that killed the 3-year-old boy, is a prime example of what might happen if these bad actors were not removed from power.

Enjoy the video!

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For those who have wondered if John McCain was alive or dead, I think Q gave us our answer.  An Anon asked Q if truth would come out about McCain.  Q stated "To preserve the Republic -(Some) things must remain BURIED."  I think that says it all.

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