CIA, NSA, Google - They're Always Watching

It is September 3, 2018.  Lori reviews the history of Google and how it was originally funded by the government as a way to spy on citizens.  She gives the background to Ezra Cohen Watnick.  Q has mentioned him several times.  He must be a key player, and Q wants us to understand his role. 

Enjoy the video!

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Q links a song that was played by Operation Specialists [pre-event] last night, just a few days after the white hats cut off the CIA's satellite communications.  Something big went down!

It was reported on Twitter today that President Trump was leaving to play golf.  He suddenly changed his plans and went back into the White House.  "The president stayed at the White House to make calls specifically on trade and other international issues," Press Secretary Sanders said in an email.  Related?

People are marching in Germany, and the German media is silent!  Lori shares a letter from a woman in Germany.  Angela Merkel's open border policies have been horrible for the citizens of Germany.  It is important for the US to be successful in throwing off the globalists.  If we fall, the world falls.  Pray for Germany.

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