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It is September 4, 2018. The Judge Kavanaugh hearings are a complete circus as planned by Dems!  Trump tweets that Democrats are "Mean, Angry, and Despicable."  IPOT speculates this would be a good time for POTUS to DECLAS the memo and change the schedule for the Democrats.   

Sir Patrick gives us a geography lesson as he connects the dots regarding the Magic Sword and the "Special Operation" in Syria.  Things are going according to "The Plan."  The swamp is being drained of the top alligators in the FBI and DOJ.  The Democrats are embracing Jeff Sessions; even crazy Kathy Griffin.

Enjoy the video!

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Q has posted over 140 drops the last few days.  Q commentators are struggling to keep up!  Praying Medic is promising three new videos.  Here are links to his September 2, 2018 and September 4, 2018  Twitter threads.  Neon Revolt has written an in-depth article about MK Ultra the definition of the White Rabbits

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