Add Rahm to the List - Q

Today is September 5, 2018.  Bernie at Truth and Art TV reviews today's headlines.  Joe Biggs recorded the Florida Democratic Gubernatorial candidate bragging that George Soros donated $ 250,000 to his campaign, and that he had a 15-year relationship with GS.

Bernie uses the last 15 minutes of his video to review Q posts.  Hillary is lashing out in a Tweet storm trying to derail the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  What does she have to fear?  Arizona names a successor to McCain, and he appears to be a good guy!  Rahm Emanuel announces he will not seek re-election for Chicago Major.   Q adds Rahm to his list.  

Enjoy the video!

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Today, I found two great articles for your review.  Have you wondered why Nike would start a controversial ad campaign using Colin Kaepernick?  They can't be that stupid?  Sundance looks beyond the surface for the underlying motivations of this destructive campaign. The Hidden Kaepernick Strategy of Nike and the NFL.

Neon Revolt specializes in deep digs.  He has more to add to his previous article about the connections between the Clintons, Arkansas, Skull and Bones and more.