It is September 6, 2018.  Is Alex Jones controlled by Mossad?  More attacks against Q by supposed pro MAGA supporters?  Q debunks the debunkers.  Show us the pics, Microchip!

Treason?  Lindsay Graham asks Brett Kavanaugh the difference between Law of Armed Conflict and Basic Criminal Law.  Graham sets the stage to put the public and Deep State on notice that Military Tribunals can be used on American citizens who collaborate with the enemy.  They are considered enemy combatants. 

Enjoy the video!

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Praying Medic has uploaded his post on Alice and Wonderland.  He reviews many of the previous A&W posts.  It is a good review for newcomers. 

Everyone is anxiously awaiting President Trump to DECLASsify the memo!  Kory Booker's stunt during the hearings for Judge Kavanaugh is a perfect set up!   

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