Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein

It is September 8, 2018.  Blessed to Teach discusses new Q posts.  Q re-posts history again from May, July, and August to give newcomers background on "The Plan."  Top crooks at the FBI and DOJ must be removed, before the Trump Administration can proceed with bringing coup plotting criminals to justice.

This week the public learned that a grand jury has been empaneled regarding Andrew McCabe.  Podesta and the Deep State are openly calling for "sleeper cells" to be activated.  Panic?  It appears the New York Times "Anon" is one of the "sleeper cells" trying to discredit POTUS.  

Enjoy the video!
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An Anon asks for the Declass, please!  Q tells us that the specific timing rests with POTUS.  Q tells us that dropping hints of DECLAS causes the enemy to expend its ammunition.   I appreciate Q explaining his strategy to us.

This is a war for the hearts and minds of the American People.  It is the Q team and POTUS against the Deep State fed Mocking Bird Media.  The MSM currently IS the enemy of the people.  It is a propaganda arm of the Deep State. The goal of the MSM is to fill the news cycle with negative news to minimize the impact of the declassification.  I too was disappointed that the memo was not release this week.  However, I understand.  I trust POTUS, and I Trust the Plan!  WWG1WGA!

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