Deep State Panicked About Upcoming Military Tribunals

It is September 09, 2018.  Yesterday, Q posted a picture of an American Flag.  He asked us to remember a time when our children pledged their allegiance to the American flag.  Why did that stop?  Who infiltrated our country and taught our children to hate America?  

Today's Q update is a Greg Hunter interview of Dave Janda.  Janda says military tribunals for treason and sedition are coming for those who attempted to frame Trump with phony evidence.  This is why Lindsey Graham brought it up in the Kavanaugh hearing.  Janda says the Deep State is so unhinged about the loss of power, wealth, and coming prosecutions that they may attack America via EMP.  

Enjoy the video!

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Hunter finishes his interview asking Janda what his sources know about Q.  Janda states that his Washington D.C. sources tell him that Q is legitimate.  I have been following Greg Hunter long before Q Anon.  He is an honest and fair journalist.  I am thrilled that he and Dave Janda have acknowledged and validated Q and our movement!

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