We Will Never Forget

It is September 12, 2018.  Praying Medic shares his story about where he was on 9-11. The day the three towers fell.  Q states "We will never forget!  We will never forgive!"  I think the "never forgive" statement is Q encouraging us that the public will one day know the truth behind 9-11.  

Panic in DC?  Q stirs the waters suggesting that the rats are turning on each other!  Sally Yates just "lawyered up."  More attacks by mainstream media on Q and Q followers.  They put a lot of effort into attacking a LARP!

Enjoy the video!

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The attacks keep coming!  Reddit just censored the Great Awakening Board on Reddit!  Will Twitter be next?  The Q team anticipated and prepared for this day.  But we still have our part to play.  We must stay strong and stay together.  WWG1WGA!

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