Rats are Running

It is September 13, 2018.  Q has not posted today.  Sir Patrick Mack reviews yesterday's Q posts.  It appears the rats are running.  Q's "Panic in DC" posts seems to have generated some reaction.  Reddit just removed the Great Awakening Board.  Q explains his strategies to us.  Drop daily carpet bombs of information and turn up the heat.  Target's panic.  With panic come mistakes, betrayal, and testimony.  

Enjoy the video!

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Q tells us that soon Q Anon will be censored from all major forums.  The Q Team has planned and prepared for this.  Other platforms such as Gab and Bit Chute have popped up in response to the censorship.  I have always listed IPOT's links to Gab and Bit Chute, but I will soon update my other Q commentators as they migrate to different platforms.  Stay together and stay the course! WWG1WGA!

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