Trump Calls Election a National Emergency

It is September 14, 2018.  Q has not posted since September 12, 2018.  I have 3 good videos today for your consideration.  The first video is Greg Hunter's Weekly Wrap Up where he discusses Trump's new Executive Order to stop and punish foreign interference in US Elections.  Trump declares this a National Emergency.  He is using the Deep State's propaganda against them in order to secure the voter integrity of the midterm elections.  

The second video is by X22 Report.  He reviews Q posts from the September 12.  His report is unique in that he explains what may be going on in Syria.  He thinks we are about to take out the last of the Deep State's weapon systems.

Enjoy the video!

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My final video for today is by Blessed to Teach.  He reviews September 12 Q posts.  His video is unique because he teaches you where to find the 8 Chan research boards, and discusses your various options for Q research - specifically will also provide updated resources so you can find your favorite Q commentators and researchers.  More censorship is coming.  Be prepared.

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