The Plan Is In Place

X22 Report discusses September 12, 2018 Q posts and today's news.  Norwegian police have found the belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate in the waters of a fjord.   The EU passes copyright laws that are going to destroy free speech and allow censorship.  They purposely make the laws vague so they can define them as they will.  What constitutes as hate speech?  You can already see what a slippery slope this is.  This will allow complete censorship in the EU.  

X22 Report discusses what is going on in Syria.  He thinks the stage is being set to take out the last of the Deep State's weapons of destruction.  A false flag is going to be pushed which will allow the US to "retaliate" and take out Syria's (but actually the Deep State's) chemical weapons stashes. 

Enjoy the video!

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