Panic in DC

It is September 19, 2018.  Praying Medic discusses Q posts 2172 through 2208.  Q tells us to ready the memes, and the Deep State responds with mockingbird media articles two days later. 

September 17, 2018 was the date that POTUS revealed he would declassify FISA.  Q told us it would be declassified that day!  He revealed the date with his April 24, 2018 post.  "Should we tell the good people watching the day & time?  Red Carpet Rollout?"  The Emmy's were held 9-17-18.  This is more validation of Q, and "Future Proves Past."

Enjoy the video!

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If you watch this Praying Medic video, you will have a better understanding of the tonight's Q posts regarding Horowitz and his "whistleblowers" speech.  Tonight Q posts "Castle Lock."  This ties into Neon Revolts supposition that the Deep State is calling for assassination of President Trump.  Read Neon Revolt's Article here

Another Q billboard goes up!!  Read the article here!  WWG1WGA!

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