When Does a Bird Sing?

It is September 22, 2018.  It is the weekend!  Sir Patrick Mack is once again the Q update for the day.  He is quick, on target, and celebrating 45,000 subscribers!  Congratulations Sir Mack!

Five Eyes are panicking!  They don't want FISA declassified.  Swamp creatures exist everywhere!  Schumer and the Dems are trying to bait POTUS into firing Rod Rosenstein and crossing the "Red Line."   That's like Brer Fox and Brer Bear tricking Brer Rabbit.  Not happening!

Q gives one more warning to the swamp creatures.  "Music is about to stop."  They need to cut deals now.  Q even provides a hot line number to the White House.  Looks like Loretta Lynch is trying to cut her deal.  Anyone else?

Enjoy the video!

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Q asks the displaced Great Awakening Redditors to migrate to voat.co.  Here is the link Q provided.  You will have to click that you are over 18 years of age.  You may see some naked pictures and adult language on Voat (like Reddit), but the moderators try to keep out porn.  Q tells us that in the coming weeks it will be important to have a central location.  Patriots unite!

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