The Sky Is Falling

It is September 23, 2018.  I have 3 interesting updates for you.  The first is a Praying Medic Thread.  Q tells us to "Trust Grassley."  He also tells us that Rosenstein has a major conflict of interest, since he is tasked with declassifying the document that will expose him.  IG Horowitz has been given authority for the final review.  Praying Medic has a theory as to who might replace Rosenstein.  Click here to read the Thread by Praying Medic.

I had an Anon send me interesting information about Judge Kavanaugh and why President Trump chose him.  The Anon also sent me information about Dr. Ford and a CIA connection.  Click here to read the Anon's message.

I thought this Twitter Thread was interesting.  Jennie tells of her experience in a nail salon.  The topic of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh came up and everyone had an opinion!  Click here to read what the 35 women in the nail salon thought about Dr. Ford's accusations! 

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